Tondemo 13

Joining the adventurers guild

So I came to the adventurers guild.

It just the same as the Merchants guild as it is quite a large building when compared to the average of the town.

Inside the guild there is many strong looking people who have weapons at their side.

Though the ratio of warriors to wizards is around 4:1

Well,  the occupation of adventurer seems to be quite common

So I should join now aswell,

Though I do not have any intention to fight like the other adventurers

Though if I do decide to change my mind it will be fine, Though as I lined up many eyes focused on me

A have a feeling that because Feru was beside me there was no one who wanted to get involved with me. (これも「お前みたいなのが冒険者だと? 笑わせんなゴラァ」な感じのテンプレなんだろうけど、俺の傍にフェルがいるもんだから手を出せないんだろう。)  (ED. we had some trouble translating this line and the one below it, if you guys think we translated incorrectly tell us in the comments thanks guys)

I guess it is because feru as a fenrir makes people instinctively scared of getting in his way(フェルがフェンリルだって分かっているのかはわからないけど、フェルに手を出したらヤバいってのだけは本能的に分かってはいるんだろう。)

It’s good that Feru is here,

With him here I wasn’t entwined into a troublesome situation.

This is a place that I want to leave as quickly as possible

Wa, this queue is advancing quite fast

It did not take long for it to be my turn up.

[I would like to register]

[well then, please fill this out, it is no problem if you leave some blank]

The receptionist is quite a beautiful women and also quite polite as well.

But the merchants guild was more polite.

Filling in the form was easy as I learned how to read and write this language when I was summoned as a hero.

The form was mostly just my personal details and my main form of fighting,

[The registry fee is five silver. Then please place a drop of your blood on this card]

I handed over the five silver coins and then received the card and a copper needle,

I pricked my finger with the needle and dropped a small amount of blood onto the card.

[Registration is complete, due to just signing up you will begin at rank G. please remember that due to this you can only do quests of G and F rank.

Is there no explanation of the guild?

[Is there a problem?]

[Is there an explanation?]

The receptionist’s face changed as if thinking”what did I just hear?”

This is kind of necessary as I know nothing about the guild, but the receptionist is visibly annoyed.

The receptionist began to explain but she seemed reluctant

She seemed to have lost the good manners she had earlier.

The difference between here and the merchants guild is vast I see

Micaela-san gave an explanation with a fake smile from beginning to the end

This receptionist did not seem happy at  all.

  • The adventurers guild is an organisation that does not belong to any country.
  • The ranking goes from G~S.
  • One can only receive a request from their rank and one above.(ED.personally this makes no sense, but whatever it’s not my novel)
  • A penalty will be placed if a request is failed.
  • If a request is not received for an extended amount of time the registration becomes null and will need to start from G again.

G within 1 month, F and E within 2 months, DCB within 6 months and A and S within 1 year.

  • If a crime is committed, registration will be nulled.
  • Private wars between adventurers is prohibited.
  • The adventurers guild does not take responsibility for any actions a member commits.
  • The guild is not responsible for any injury or death of the members.

With that said

It seems that you need to be responsible as an adventurer

Because I only just registered I am G rank

If I do not receive a quest in one month I will be removed from the registry

I will also be charged again.

So I think doing one quest now would be good

If I go, Feru can also hunt.

I left the reception and peeped at the bulletin board,

As I am only G rank I can do quests of G rank and F rank

G Rank, G Rank, What is a good one?

Temporary request for medical herb collection

Kiayu frass x5

One silver coin

Majuu grass x5

One silver and three copper

Both of these temporary quests are prime candidates.

to accept a quest all you do is pull it off the board though this is only for temporary quests.

So then… Kiayu grass it is.

So I headed off to the window with the poster

I went to the receptionist who gave me the explanation.

The attitude was now somewhat better but still bad when compared to the merchants guild.

I went out only after hearing where the Kiayu grass grew,

Because I have Feru I cannot get lost which is a good thing

Outside the east gate was immediately a meadow,

Though there is little danger there due to the proximity to the gate I should still arm myself with a short sword.

When I registered I put down Short sword under the weapons category

[Well then Feru the first place we will go is the arms shop]

[mu, even though you have me you still want to arm yourself?]

[It’s for when you are not around, like when you are out hunting, having a weapon would be much better than being defenceless]

[If that’s the case, then I can just cast a barrier against evil]


[can you use such thing as a protection barrier?]

[yes of course I can]

Of course this is the first time I have heard of this being possible

Though I know it now it did not show when I used judgement

I try to judge Feru once again

[name] Feru

[age] 1014

[family] Fenrir

[level] 906

[physical strength] 9843 (ED. ALL THESE STATS ARE OVER 9000!!!!)

[magical power] 9481

[offensive ability] 9036

[defence] 9765

[Agility] 9684

[skill] wind magic fire magic water magic Earth magic Ice magic Thunder magic Holy magic Barrier magic Body reinforcement Attack resistance magic resistance magic effieciency judgement

[protection] protection of goddess Ninriru of the wind


I was lost for words for a moment

Magic, defence, agility and attack are all nearing counter stop

Feru is also 1014 years old.

At that age is it normal to be nearing counterstop?

Such a gluttonous character would usually be a large calamity

[Feru, I just judged you and he are quite strong arent you]

[Well that is natural]

Ah, is that so?

Well if it’s a barrier against evil I guess there is no harm,

However it is best to buy a sword for insurance.