Tondemo Cheat Chapter 18

Tondemo Cheat Chapter 18  Its taken a while but here it is folks, you read it here first TONDEMO CHEAT !!! Will Fenrir get feed again FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON TONDEMO CHEAAAAATTT !!! (no idea when the next chapter will be released please be patient and thank you very much for waiting) – WeeabooMaestro

10 thoughts on “Tondemo Cheat Chapter 18

  1. GM_Rusaku

    .   几
    .  /⌒⌒\
    . | ▽..▽|/―-、
    .  \_ww / ̄丶|Thanks!
    .  /(゜Д゜)/   |/  &
    .// フつO  Trick or Treats!
    .V/  /〉    Nepu!!

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  2. libraryrocker

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!! Makuoda-san shouldn’t worry too much!! They call humans “long pig” for a reason, apparently we taste like pork!! (not chicken) So of course it would be delicious!! XD XD XD

    Next time on…. for some reason I heard in the voice that was from the Dragonball Z dubs….


  3. ironyisnotdead

    “I walked out of -fear- meru town – – with feru by my side”
    – I walked out of -🚫- Meru town -without fear- with Feru by my side
    Guessing original meaning to make the sentence make sense.
    Thanks for the chapter


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